The Real Deal
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Watch the interview with authors Billie Montgomery Cook and James C. Perkins (author of Playbook for Christian Manhood) as they discuss "The State of Black Teens in America" on Straight Talk at Streaming! Click here to watch (select Episode 49)

Listen to the Real Women Real Leaders podcast interview with author Billie Montgomery Cook!

Navigating life can be a challenge for any teenager, but some issues and struggles are unique to African American teens. This book offers some real life guidance that many African American teen girls need. Billie Montgomery Cook addresses a wide range of topics—including body image, self-esteem, sexuality, friendship—that are of particular importance to teens.

Editorial Reviews:

"Publisher's Pick. Must Read! We recommend that parents read this book with their teenage girls to get a full understanding on 'the real deal'."—Image magazine, Winter 2008

"Billie Montgomery Cook covers a lot of valuable ground in relatively few pages. She addresses very well the concerns faced by her target audience and others...I would highly recommend this book for church discussion groups. It would also be a nice personal gift from family, godparents or youth workers." —Donna L. Gilton,YouthWorker Journal, September/October 2007

“As Black teen girls read this book, they will be empowered and comforted, and reminded of the fact that God is interested in the ‘real deal’ about their lives.” —Jennifer Clue,Precious Times

“…A hard nosed, yet compassionate and illuminating must read for black teen girls (and their parents).” —Wendy Reid,Online Review of Books & Current Affairs

"Black teen girls will pick up this book because it talks about the "real deal." They'll be amazed how life-changing the real deal can be." —CBA Marketplace, May 2004

"The Real Deal: A Spiritual Guide for Black Teen Girls is like a treasure of letters from a dear, understanding and insightful aunt, providing loving advice for living and reminders of the worth of each young woman's life."—The Communicator, July/August 2004

"Cook...has hit on a winning formula in her book as she speaks directly and personally to black teenage girls in a language they can understand." —Online Review of Books and Current Affairs

"Make this book a gift to your young lady!" —, May/June 04

"The Real Deal thoroughly and intensively attacks the worldly evils that confront today's African American teen girls, and upholds the joy they can find in God." —Black Issues Book Review, November-December 2004

"An essential part of every household with a teen girl, THE REAL DEAL enables teens to dig deep inside their spiritual selves to find answers to life's most common problems. What I enjoyed most about this book is that although it was written with teen girls in mind, it can also be used by adult women who suffer esteem issues or who aren't sure how to overcome various hurdles that come their way. Reading this book enabled me to do a little soul-searching and because of it I am stronger in my faith."—Eraina B. Tinnin, The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

"I find this book very interesting because some of those issues she wrote to teen girls could very well apply to the 21+ age group, too. Her straight-forward writing keeps your attention, and, her biblical references will get you reading the Bible. She says her chapters only touch the surface. She is correct. She could say much more. However, touching the surface works for teen girls who need short, simple and real information. For those teens who want to read more, she suggests some additional resources. I would certainly recommend this book as a resource for a teen girl bible study group. With the mass of print and electronic media portraying girls as anything but Godly and virtuous, Cook's book establishes a different and higher standard of living." —Karen Lemmons "APOOO Bookclub", Detroit, Michigan

"This book is simply an essential tool in guiding you or your teen to a stronger level of self-respect, self-love, and a true relationship with Christ. I highly recommend it as a tool to engage in dialogue at home as well as at church or school. It easily bridges the gap between any age group, and proves that parents can, indeed, understand!" —Naima A. C. Dodard, Newnan, GA


The Real Deal was recognized (7th) among the Top 20 Ethnic and Cultural African American titles of 2004, according to Christian Retailing magazine. The list was based on the Evangelical Christian Publisher Association's Sales Tracking Analysis Trends Summary program data. The Real Deal continues to be a best seller for Judson Press.

The Real Deal was named on a list of the 50 Best Books for Teens and Tweens by

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