The Gospel Remix
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How can we understand—and reach— the hip hop generation?

Professor and preacher-turned-DJ Ralph Watkins offers sociological perspective, theological insight, biblical principles, and personal experience in addressing this topic. Contributors Jason Barr, Jamal Bryant, William Curtis, and Otis Moss III respond with candid ministry profiles of the hip hop pastor as prophet, father, peer, and model professional.

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Editorial Reviews:

"The primary strength of this book is that it offers the church a theological perspective for reaching out to welcome in the hip hop generation, and then it offers varied, creative, contextual and practical examples of how pastors and congregations are responding to this critical call. The Gospel Remix is a must-read for today's pastor." —Glenn E. Porter, Associate Regional Pastor/Area Minister, American Baptist Churches of New Jersey, from his review in The African American Pulpit

"Theologically, I love the main points and the exegetical conclusions.  Having a Bible-based resource for this topic is truly helpful!" —Christopher B. Brooks, National Coordinator, URBNET

"...Provides introspective and diversified accounts of successful tools used by religious scholars and prominent black Evangelical pastors who have welcomed hip hop into their congregations. ...An insightful read that will open doors for more conversation on hip-hop and interfaith dialogue." —Black Issues Book Review, May/June 2007

"Ralph Watkins takes a revelatory look...The Gospel Remix defines hip-hop and helps the reader understand how to reach out in authenticity." —Precious Times, Spring 2007

"Watkins outlines a movement toward hip hop which is incarnational, sacrificial and authentic. He offers an insightful introduction to the culture and raises many questions to guide churches and pastors through contextualizing ministry to and with hip hop. This is a valuable and timely resource." —YouthWorker Journal, March/April 2009

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