Multidimensional Ministry for Today's Black Family
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Pages: 144
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"In the times in which we live, the church and faithful believers have a real opportunity to 'break the silence,' and to begin a serious debate on what is being done and what can be done to strengthen black families. Without question, there is much to address." —from the Introduction

This invaluable new resource was born out of the "Breaking the Silence for the Good of All Families" Conference, held in August 2006. The goal of the conference was to create a forum for a renewed and dynamic dialogue on the role of the church in the life of black families. Theologians, social workers, therapists, and public agency representatives provided input and offered solutions to the challenges of black family life today.

Multidimensional Ministry for Today's Black Family addresses the questions:

  • What are the diverse needs affecting the black family?
  • How can the church respond holistically, both inside and outside its walls?
  • Which agencies and organizations provide valuable resources and opportunities for partnerships in ministering to the black family?

The book offers readers:

  • A holistic view of the multiple dimensions of black family life
  • Practical steps for establishing, organizing, and maintaining a thriving family life ministry in local congregations
  • Models of churches engaged in ministry to black families
  • Ideas for establishing critical links and partnerships with local and federal agencies, non-profits, and for-profit resources
  • The contribution of many experts in a variety of fields, bringing together years of professional experience, faith in Jesus Christ, and a determination to tackle the problems facing our families

Editorial Reviews:

"Several models and practical steps are given to begin this much-needed ministry." —Multicultural Review, Spring 2008

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