The Work of the Greeter - 5-copy set
Format: Paperback
Book Code: J136
ISBN: 9780817015763

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The latest volume in Judson Press's classic "Work of the Church" series, this book offers practical information for development and implementation of a more structured hospitality ministry of greeters. Chargois challenges church leaders to reassess their greeters' ministry in three ways:

  1. sharpening of their service
  2. strengthening of the ministry they offer to God's people
  3. deepening of their spiritual underpinnings personally and collectively

Beginning with the biblical precedent for such a ministry in the gatekeepers of the Jerusalem temple, the author goes on to provide detailed suggestions for this ministry today, including:

  • recruitment
  • organization
  • function of greeters in the life of the church
  • An important addition to each church library and pastor's bookshelf!
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