Got Style? Personality-Based Evangelism
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PubDate: 2009

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Table of Contents, Introduction and Foreword

Based on his popular “Got Style?” workshops, pastor and evangelist Jeffrey Johnson offers churches and individuals an understanding of evangelism based on the following six personality types:  

  1. Assertive
  2. Analytical
  3. Storytelling
  4. Relational
  5. Invitational
  6. Incarnational

For each personality style, the author provides:

  • a basic definition and description of the personality
  • strengths and weaknesses of the style
  • outreach ideas, including expressions of prayer and hospitality
  • a biblical and contemporary case study of the style in evangelistic action

Through the book’s “Discover Your Style” inventory test, readers will gain insight into how they engage the world in general.

Download the Got Style?PowerPoint presentation from Jeff's webinar.

Listen to Jeff's podcast in which he outlines the principles of relational evangelism that successfully brings people to Jesus Christ.

Editorial Reviews:

"Perhaps the greatest strength of Got Style? is that it encourages people who think they can't evangelize to find their style and just do it... The book provides a good resource for a church evangelism seminar, and it would work well both within and outside the mainline." — Circuit Rider, February-April 2010

"This author is a man who lives the message of his book! As the pastor of the church I grew up in, he models compassion-based outreach to both his members (my own mother is still one of his flock!) and the lost and hurting outside the church. Read it, take it in and live it out. Great book!" —Dr. H. Dale Burke, author of "How to Lead and Still Have a Life;" founder of Dale Burke Leadership, Fullerton, CA; senior pastor, First Evangelical Free of Fullerton,

"Johnson's blend of strong biblical studies with contemporary illustrations, together with an amazing array of practical tools and recommended resources, combine to make Got Style? the book on evangelism that I will recommend in my church and for my school." —Ray Bakke, chancellor and professor, Bakke Graduate University

"We seem to be God's tongue-tied people, and our cultural situation is too desperate to stay that way. Thanks to Jeff Johnson, who makes evangelism possible for ordinary Christians. He gives you confidence that you.. yes, even you.. can share your faith without making enemies or losing friends. Yes, you can bless people in the name of Christ." —Tom Bandy, author, consultant, and speaker, Easum, Bandy & Associates

"What if someone wrote a well-balanced book on doing evangelism that is both biblically and theologically sound, while providing an inclusive process for implementing the “e” word in today’s post-modern church?  What if this person were to illustrate this book with stories out of a lifetime of pastoral church experience? What if the book was crystal clear, concise, and an 'easy read' for both the layperson and the professional church staff person? What if the book included pages of additional resources and helpful ways to implement 'natural,' diverse, comprehensive, personality-based evangelism through the local church’s life and ministry? This is the book!" —Bruce Laverman, Minister of Evangelism, Reformed Church in America

"This book is a must have for anyone who is afraid of evangelism. You will determine your own specific evangelistic style, learn the biblical support, the pros and cons, and how it is used in the Body of Christ. This book is an excellent resource for the church." —Eric Hoey, Director of Evangelism and Church Growth, General Assembly Mission Council, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

"Johnson ably demonstrates that a Christian has no excuse to not share their faith. Got Style? is a nice resource to have on your shelf." —Christian Book Notes

"This book is not a difficult read, but neither is it in the 'easy read' category - there's too much excellent research and thought put into the book for it to be called simple. We recommend this book for personal and small group use." —Net Results, September/October 2009

""This is an extremely helpful book on evangelism. God has given Jeff great insight into the various styles of evangelism that He blesses and uses. While many attempt to squeeze evangelism ministries into a single mold, Jeff refreshingly shares some wonderful and legitimate options." --Dr. Paul Cedar, Chairman, Mission America

"This book brought together several loose threads that were rattling around my mind map. I had several 'a-ha' flashes of insights, and even a few 'Dang, why hadn't I seen that before' moments reading this book." --as reviewed on Evangelism Coach International. Read the entire post here.

"Jeffrey A. Johnson has written one of the most interesting and unusual books I have ever read. Even the front cover gets your attention. The title is Got Style? Personality-based Evangelism. If you are interested in what the church is doing or not doing, you will discover this book to be filled with practical information and you will wonder how you ever got along without it." --Bill Ellis, syndicated columnist and convention and conference speaker

"I found this book fascinating and one that I intend to bring to the attention to my group and my pastors. Make this a topic of conversation at your next church meeting and consider this book as model for how to engage the issue. It is well worth the read." --as reviewed on the blog "A Feather Adrift." Read the whole post here.

"Johnson’s new book will come as a huge relief to those who have felt pressured into styles or systems of evangelism that did not match their personality, or who retreated from any sort of faith sharing because a particular and uncomfortable method was presented to them as ‘the only way’." --as reviewed on Digital Evangelism Issues. Read the entire post here.

"This is a very practical book for those looking to encourage their church members to become more involved in more evangelism efforts." --as reviewed on the blog "For God's Sake; Shut Up!" Read the entire post here.

"Johnson has produced a resource that will empower all Christ followers to serve as effective personal evangelists regardless of their giftedness or personality. I recommend it to pastors, congregations, and individual Christ followers. " --as reviewed on the blog "Real Ministries." Read the entire post here.

"Having a DMin degree in evangelism and a personal passion for reaching others for Christ, I've read a lot of books on evangelism. Got Style? is one of the best I have read...Many of the books I read I sell or give away after I am finished with them -- this one I will keep as a reference. Among all the titles on personal evangelism today, this one is among the best. " --David R. Bess (as reviewed on

"Healthy churches motivate healthy Christians to fulfill the Great Commission, and Johnson's book is a significant resource in helping to accomplishing that goal." --Ron Cary, "Church Healthy Resource Review," American Baptist Churches of Michigan

"Got Style? has been great.  The congregation has really enjoyed learning about the various styles.  In all honesty, I have received more compliments on this series from the congregation than any other sermon series I've done in my 3 years as pastor.  [Jeff Johnson] has uncovered something here that has set people free to evangelize in ways they never thought possible." —Rev. Tim Hughes, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Port Angeles, Washington

"Based in scripture and supported with solid examples, this book is a must -read for Christians who want to share the message of Christ and learn to evangelize in a variety of ways."--Mary Lou Henneman, Congregational Libraries Today, 2010

"Healthy churches motivate healthy Christians to fulfill the Great Commission, and Johnson's book is a significant resource in helping accomplish that goal." —Ron Cary, Church Health Resource Review, American Baptist Churches of Michigan

"Johnson’s new book will come as a relief to those who have felt pressured into styles or systems of evangelism that did not match their personality, or who retreated from any sort of faith sharing because a particular and uncomfortable method was presented to them as ‘the only way’." —


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