Raising Boys to Be Like Jesus
Format: Paperback
Book Code: J100
Pages: 192
Size: 5" x 8"
ISBN: 9780817015411
PubDate: 2009

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Raising Boys seminar details

Today’s parents need simple, yet profound help with raising well-balanced, spiritually healthy boys who will be tomorrow’s leaders. Sharon Norris Elliott exhorts parents and caregivers to choose Jesus as the ultimate male role model for their sons.

Through Jesus’ example, Norris Elliott offers parents sound advice for addressing tough topics including:

  • facing temptation
  • choosing to be a leader
  • developing and maintaining healthy friendships
  • relating to and respecting women
  • handling money

“Step Aside” segments at the end of each chapter are designed to assist the reader in personalizing each principle.

Ideal for single moms looking for a male role model for their boys!

Read Sharon's article on beating the high cost of higher education on UrbanFaith.com.

Editorial Reviews:

"Elliott's guide shrewdly addresses the persisting challenges of raising boys in today's culture, frequently without fathers." —Library Journal, March 1, 2009

"This is one of the most practical and relevant books I have ever read.  Sharon shows you, through refreshing Biblical truth, how to raise boys in the image of Jesus. The book methodically outlines and articulates strategies for parents to raise solid, spiritual, secure boys despite the obvious challenges in raising kids in general and boys in particular. This is an important, constructive contribution to the development of boys into men. I strongly recommend this book and Sharon as a guest lecturer at your church." —Rev. Welton Pleasant, Senior Pastor, South Los Angeles Baptist Church

"Positive role models and healthy spiritual guidance is essential for the next generation of men. Elliott understands and has created a powerful resource." —Church Libraries, Spring 2009

"With advice on facing sin, being a good leader, establishing good relationships, treating women right, and sound financial practices, Raising Boys to Be Like Jesus is a fine and highly recommended read for Christian parents trying to do the right thing." —Library Bookwatch: May 2009

"RAISING BOYS TO BE LIKE JESUS is a persuasive self-improvement book that offers counsel and assistance to Christian parents who are raising sons." —FaithfulReader.com, May 2009

"In Raising Boys to Be Like Jesus, I was reminded of the importance of relationships. Throughout this book, the author consistently focused on the importance of character in the midst of relationships. Whether it was Jesus' relationship with his mother, his father, or others he encountered, we see an integrity and character that we all should strive for in our lives." --as reviewed on the blog, Thoughts for the Journey. Read the entire post here.

"Using her own personal stories, experiences as a vice-principal, and experience as a mother of three boys, Elliot pulls the reader in with her humorous approach to life, not allowing the reader to simply skim any of the pages...A great resource for anyone who spends time ministering to young men." —YouthWorker Journal, Jan/Feb 2010


Raising Boys to Be Like Jesus is a Mom’s Choice Awards® Gold Recipient.

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