Christian Educators' Guide to Evaluating and Developing Curriculum
Format: Paperback
Book Code: 1761
Pages: 128
Size: 8" x 11"
ISBN: 9780817015237
PubDate: 2008

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There are two means of ensuring you find a curriculum that meets your church's needs:

  1. Use clear guidelines to evaluate purchased curriculum resources
  2. Write curriculum resources that are in harmony with a congregation’s priorities

With the Christian Educator's Guide to Evaluating and Developing Curriculum, educators will learn how to:

  • Articulate the goal and purpose of your congregation’s educational ministry
  • Identify the Six Key Elements of your Christian Education program
  • Use the Six Key Elements to evaluate purchased curriculum resources
  • Develop a scope and sequence for writing your own resources
  • Write session plans that are in agreement with your Six Key Elements
  • Equip writers to develop session plans consistent with your educational purpose
  • Train teachers to use the curriculum materials
  • Evaluate the curriculum resources you have written

Reproducible worksheets throughout make this a highly practical resource for Christian education committees and teaching workshops.

ERRATA: Please note that the book's list of curriculum publishers in the appendix did not include Congregational Ministries Publishing, Presbyterian Churches USA. We regret the oversight.

Editorial Reviews:

"I need a good curriculum for our church school” is a plaintive cry frequently heard by resource center directors.  Nancy Ferguson, curriculum editor and writer, recognizes that "good curriculum" is material that matches your educational goals and understandings of the Bible, faith, and learners. In this volume, she offers a clear, concise process for identifying those goals and matching material to purpose. Workshop designs, questionnaires, worksheets, and Nancy’s own commentary work together to offer everything a seasoned educator or novice Christian education committee chairperson could need to help a congregation choose material that will be good for them. —Ann Knox, Director, Instructional Resource Center, William Smith Morton Library, Union-PSCE Seminary, Richmond, VA

"Nancy Ferguson knows what goes into choosing or writing the right curriculum for different churches with unique needs. Her book guides leaders through both processes, choosing or writing, in a step-by-step way that feels easy and seamless." —from the Foreword by Marlene LeFever, Vice President of Educational Development, David C. Cook, Colorado Springs, Colorado

" ideal, 'user friendly', and very highly recommended Christian education curriculum development instructional guide." —The Midwest Book Review

"...I wish it had been available for our team when we were looking at our curriculum and trying to develop goals and objectives for the spiritual transformation of our children...very easy to follow...practical advice..." —Lynn Learning, board member, Christian Education Association

"Thanks to Nancy Ferguson, we now have the ultimate resource to help us choose, adapt, and write curriculum materials that will meet the needs of our various settings. Church educators, Christian education committees, and pastors alike will find this book a necessary addition to their educational ministry toolboxes." —Debbie Gline Allen, C.M.C.E., in The Education Connection

"Congregations will find a valuable resource in Ferguson’s book. Included is a wealth of reproducible worksheets for every step in the process, making this book eminently practical and usable in a wide range of settings, from Christian Education committees to teacher-training workshops." —from "Resource of the Week," The Resource Center, Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond

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