What to Expect When You're Accepted
Format: Paperback
Book Code: 1669
Pages: 112
Size: 5" x 8"
ISBN: 9780817015176
PubDate: 2007

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For the first time, African American students have a Christian college resource written specifically for them! This short, practical, faith-based handbook will equip them to survive the undergraduate years with faithfulness, integrity, health, and success.

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Editorial Reviews:

"Going away to college, leaving home, perhaps for the first time can be stressful.  As a Christian in college preparing for life, your faith and faithfulness will be challenged. To God be the glory, Christopher Michael Jones has written an insightful manual giving students practical and godly principles to successfully make the transition. What To Expect When You're Accepted is a must read for all new college students."—Dr. Cynthia L. Hale, Founder and Senior Pastor, Ray of Hope Christian Church

“Regardless of talent, motivation and opportunity, if you want to win, a coach is needed. When it’s college, Christopher Jones is the coach and what’s in your hand right now is the playbook.” —Rev. Dr. Bernadette Glover-Williams, Executive Pastor, Cathedral International, Preacher in Residence, New Brunswick Theological Seminary , from the Preface

“Take time and reflect on the golden nuggets of advice that this guide offers. Underline! Highlight! You have an opportunity to commune with this book, not just be a passive reader.” —from the Introduction, Karen Jackson-Weaver, PhD, Executive Director, New Jersey Amistad Commission

"What to Expect When You’re Accepted speaks to the intellectual, spiritual, and practical concerns faced by members of our community seeking to extend a tradition of social freedom via academic achievement . . . This book is as useful as a campus map and as indispensable as a personal computer.  Placing a copy in the hand of every African American Christian college student ensures that the tuition payment will be money well spent.” —Dr. Jonathan L. Walton, Assistant Professor of African American Religion, University of California, Riverside

“Every African American student should learn how to start smart and finish strong. This book is a must read for all serious students.” —Rev. Martha Simmons, President and Publisher, The African American Pulpit

 “Jones offers a short practical handbook on how to not only survive the college years, but how to come through successfully! With great care he offers step-by-step instructions for each year of college—from getting started, to getting serious, to getting ahead, to getting ready, to looking beyond.” —from the Prologue, The Reverend Dr. Donald Hilliard Jr., Senior Pastor, Cathedral International, Presiding Bishop, Covenant Ecumenical Fellowship and Cathedral Assemblies

"This book and author are genuinely informative, brilliantly insightful, endlessly illuminating, and spiritually intuitive. This is a very useful and timely practical guide for academic success. At last, our students are given a way out of self-defeating mentalities and self destructive behaviors. What to Expect When You're Accepted offers good news to all youth and young adults, guaranteeing to initiate concentric circles of positive peer pressure, academically and socially, as students matriculate through their college and graduate experiences. Rev. Christopher Michael Jones has proven that experience is still the best instructor." —Dr. Charles G. Adams, Senior Pastor, Hartford Memorial Baptist Church, Detroit, Michigan

"In an age of the 'bling-bling' and 'get it cronked' culture, it is refreshing to read a student handbook designed to help young adults navigate the hurdles of college from a Christian perspective. What to Expect When You’re Accepted is the kind of book that every parent should purchase for a college-bound child and that every student needs in his or her library. I highly recommend this handbook." —Rev. Otis Moss III, Pastor, Trinity United Church of Christ, Chicago, Illinois

"Whether attending an historically Black university or matriculating through an institution where African Americans are a minority, African American students come to grips with an evolving identity in the collegiate context. What To Expect When You’re Accepted is an astute and practical guide for students who will face the change of culture that a college experience often affords. It is a 'must- read' for every student who is determined to walk the halls of higher learning with a strong faith, finish with successful outcomes, and be conduits of constructive change in our society and the world." —Rev. Eustacia Moffett-Marshall, Associate Pastor, C.N. Jenkins Memorial Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, North Carolina

"Thank God for Christopher Michael Jones writing this book! What to Expect When You’re Accepted is exactly what we need. For young people who enter college with no real life experience and for older adults who want to start all over again, this book is a practical guide—and it is also an entertaining read! From the opening chapter I could not put the book down until I was done with it. African American Christians need books like this to help us navigate a responsible and spiritual approach to college life. I'm convinced we can have fun, church, and a solid education all at the same time." —Wali Lundy, #33, Running Back, Houston Texans 

"What a valuable contribution to the essential equipment for freshmen in colleges! This guide will do much good and save much trouble. We should all be grateful—parents, pastors, teachers, and most especially, students." —Peter J. Gomes, Plummer Professor of Christian Morals, Pusey Minister, The Memorial Church, Harvard University

"A valuable overview of the decisions that students should be making if they wish to succeed in college and start off their adult years on a positive note." —Multicultural Review, Spring 2008


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