Reader Review Guidelines

Who can create customer reviews?
Judson Press book readers! If you've read a Judson Press book and have a Web site account (no purchase necessary to set one up), you can create reviews.

What to include:
We recommend your review be between 50 and 200 words long, but there is no word maximum. A strong review should clearly communicate whether you liked or disliked a book and WHY. Consider:
  • The need that the book/author addresses
  • The author's expertise in addressing the need
  • Elements of the book that are particularly effective or powerful
  • Whether other readers would benefit from the book
What not to include:
Judson Press is pleased to provide readers with the opportunity to air their opinions about the books we publish. While we appreciate your time and comments, we request that you refrain from including any of the following in your review:
  • Time-sensitive material (i.e.,promotional tours, book signings, workshops, etc.)
  • Commenting on other reviews on the page
  • Profanity, obscenities, or spiteful remarks
  • Single-word reviews
  • Phone numbers, mail addresses, URLs
  • Availability, price, or alternative ordering/shipping information
  • Solicitations for other positive or negative reviews
Note that a review is not an appropriate place to tell us a book has typos in it or other production-related issues. If you'd like to tell us about a specific problem, please contact us at:

Any review in violation of these guidelines will not be posted.

By submitting reader reviews, you agree to grant Judson Press the right to reproduce, edit, modify, amend, translate, publish, display (in whole or in part) the review for promotional purposes (including but not limited to use on the Judson Press Web site).

Judson Press has the right to refuse to post or accept any review for any reason and to remove, purge, or rotate reviews from its Web site or other materials for any reason at any time.

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