The Judson Offering Envelope Service is designed to help you serve your church family and to minimize the difficulty churches face in finding the most appropriate and culturally relevant stewardship resources.

Through this service, churches can choose between four main options:

For more information on any of these services, call 1-800-627-9900 or contact The Judson Offering Envelope Service is administered through an experienced ministry partner. The contact information is not the same as Judson Press's.

Please note that the envelopes cannot be ordered online. You must contact the supplier at the phone number indicated above to place your order.

Boxed Sets

Boxed Sets are the most popular Envelope Service available. There are six unique products in the Boxed Set category:

Custom Boxed Set

Custom Boxed Sets are designed to meet your church's specific needs and will help nurture and encourage more regular and consistent support.


Security Boxed Sets eliminate concerns for privacy while providing each contributor with the means to mail in their gift if they are unable to attend worship.


Message Box Set

Message Boxed Sets feature a message printed on the opposite side from the giving information. They tend to strengthen attributes for gracious and generous giving.

Booklet Boxed Sets

Booklet Sets [Checkbook format or Booklet format] combine privacy features with the ability to conveniently record contributions.

Address Boxed Set

Address Boxed Sets affirm each member's personal connection with their name on each envelope. They also help ease the task of distributing sets, and improve the accuracy of contribution recording.

Pre Printed

Pre-Printed Box Sets are economical and effective for tight budgets, small groups, or churches needing envelopes quickly.

Boxed sets also feature:

  • 6 dating options
  • 3 numbering options
  • 15 envelope color options
  • 9 envelope sizes
  • 6 envelope styles
  • Type style, font size, addressing, bar coding and pre-printed design options
  • Bilingual and/or select languages

Custom Print to Order

Customized to your specifications, these envelopes are:

  • Economically priced to fit all church budgets
  • Convenient for communicating special needs or ministry concerns
  • An ideal way to extend a warm welcome to visitors
  • Handy for members who forgot their personalized envelopes

Features include:

  • Design options - portrait, landscape, or a combination
  • 15 envelope color options
  • 5 envelope sizes
  • Type style, font size, and bar coding options
  • Bilingual and/or select languages



Mailing Sets

Experience suggests double digit (12 to 26%) financial stewardship improvement as a result of the increased frequency of invitations to participate with these mailing sets. Features include:

Mailing Sets


  • 2 unique product offerings (custom and message mailing sets)
  • 3 mailing frequencies
  • 15 envelope color options
  • Type style, font size, and bar coding options
  • Bilingual and/or select languages



The dynamics of the Internet has created some interesting discussions in local churches regarding "electronic giving." Our challenge has been to provide a resource that honors "Biblical principles" and at the same time respects the diversity within any church family.

E-Giving through Judson Offering Envelope Service...

  • Provides a modern tool for modern times but respects the bringing of gifts to church for worship
  • Ensures "giving" is not reduced to the act of paying a bill
  • Addresses what a technically savvy member looks for to be satisfied with the service
  • Offers what a more traditional contributor would feel comfortable using

Special features include:

  • Access via the church's web site
  • E-giving envelope (receipt) to present at worship
  • Option for the church to offer use of credit or debit cards as well as EFT (electronic fund transfers)
  • Full control online by the contributor
  • Secured environment (128 bit encryption)
  • Scheduling for recurring transactions online
  • Online access to transaction history
  • Access to online contributions while away from home
  • The ability to express appreciation, recognition, condolences, etc. for special memorials, celebrations, etc., with access via the church's web site

Contact the Judson Offering Envelope Service, P.O. Box 269, Chester, WV 26034.
Phone: 800-627-9900. Fax: 304-387-5266. Email:

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