Recent surveys including the American Religious Identification Survey 2008 and the National Survey of Congregations 2010, revealed a number of areas of concern for today’s church, including:

  • spiritual vitality and community
  • membership and attendance
  • a clear sense of mission
  • biblical literacy
  • financial pressures
  • brokenness in and around us
  • overwhelming diversity
  • leadership
  • and more

The Living Church series addresses these issues from a congregational perspective, responding with creative and constructive strategies for the American church in the 21st century. Each Living Church resource offers:

  • Biblical foundations
  • Experience-based insights
  • Action steps for today’s church leaders

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Living Church Series
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Caring Pastors, Caring People
Equipping Your Church for Pastoral Care
Marvin A. McMickle; J. Dwight Stinnett, series editor
Empowering Laity, Engaging Leaders
Tapping the Root for Ministry
Susan E. Gillies and M. Ingrid Dvirnak; J. Dwight Stinnett, series editor
Learning Mission, Living Mission
Churches that Work
Glynis LaBarre; J. Dwight Stinnett, series editor
Making Friends, Making Disciples
Growing Your Church through Authentic Relationships
Lee B. Spitzer; J. Dwight Stinnett, series editor
Vital Spirit, Vital Service
Spirituality That Works
Trinette V. McCray
Living Church Series Book Set
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