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Echoes emphasizes application, not just information! Echoes—the curriculum exclusively for the African-American church— highlights the inclusiveness of people of color throughout biblical history. The African-American community will identify with its presentation of the Gospel in culturally relevant ways.

At the heart of Echoes, you’ll find God-honoring biblical values and a commitment to excellence. This curriculum ensures that every student learns according to his or her particular learning style—and no one gets left behind. With the Unified Theme Approach your entire congregation will be learning the same biblical principles, every student at every age, but at their own level of development.

Here's what churches love about Echoes–it:

  • Is easy to prepare and teach.
  • Provides sequential Bible teaching.
  • Is Bible-based and Christ-centered.
  • Recognizes life needs of students–toddlers through adults–and reveals life-impacting biblical applications.
  • Is relevant to every kind of learner – active or studious, social or shy – so no student is left out.

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Toddler Teacher's Guide
Toddler Take-Home Paper
Preschool Teacher's Guide
Preschool Student Book
Preschool Craft Book
Early Elementary Teacher's Guide
Early Elementary Student Book
Early Elementary Craft Book
Elementary Teacher's Guide
Elementary Student Book
Upper Elementary Teacher's Guide
Upper Elementary Student Book
Middle School Teacher's Guide
Middle School Student Book
High School Teacher's Guide
High School Student Book
Adult Teacher's Guide
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Echoes Summary


Predominantly African-American curriculum, providing quality Christian education that meets both age-level and ethnically diverse needs of students. Preserves Black biblical and contemporary heritage.


Home Link

African-American family is strongly affirmed. Common theme for whole Sunday school encourages parents to emphasize theme at home.


Christian Education Scope

Echoes embraces the need for unity in the Sunday school and between church and home with a common theme for the whole church each quarter. Excellent, step-by-step, age-appropriate Bible coverage, takes students through the Bible 4 times from elementary through high school.


Lesson Plan

Lessons follow 4-step natural learning cycle: 1. Why is this important to me? 2. What does the Bible say? 3. How does this Bible passage work today? 4. What am I willing to do with what I learned? Reaches every student's learning style. Reduces discipline problems.


Lesson Methods

Teaching methods match life experiences of ethnically diverse students. Educationally excellent mix of teaching tools.



Full Bible coverage. Emphasis on salvation and lifelong discipleship. Echoes affirms the Bible as being the infallible Word of God. Version: Dual KJV/NIV at Adult level and NIV at all other levels.


Product Appearance

Teacher and student materials: full color. Authentic Bible art with Black presence. Contemporary art shows diverse, Black experience.


Social Perspective

Pastors as head of the local church. Strong emphasis on male role as God's head within traditional family; acknowledges female leaders.


Product Pieces
Teacher's commentary, teaching aids; take-home papers, student and craft books. Teacher training video/manual. Superintendent's handbook.
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