Since 1970, Urban Ministries, Inc. (UMI) has been developing quality Sunday school lessons especially designed to empower African American children, youth, and adults for successful Christian living. UMI’s lessons are written by African American Christians and are based on the International Uniform Lesson Series, a six-year systematic study of the Bible. With these lessons, all classes study the same Bible text, so it’s easier for families to review lessons together. Student books use the NIV for Preschool through High School levels. All teacher manuals as well as the Young Adult and Adult student books use the KJV.

UMI’s lesson illustrations, artwork, and photographs are especially selected to deal with the life concerns of today’s African Americans. Students can see clearly how God meets them at their point of need. They can feel a kinship with UMI’s more authentic North African biblical art. Most of all, these materials confront people, young and old, with the unchanging truth of God’s Word. The lessons challenge people to know God better through Jesus and to live for Christ.

Urban Ministries, Inc. Highlights

  • Utilizes the NIV (Preschool–High School student books) and the KJV (all teacher manuals plus Young Adult–Adult student books)
  • Written by African Americans
  • Six-year cycle based on the International Sunday School Lessons
  • Quarterly, dated

Available Age Levels

  • Preschool Playhouse (Ages 2–5)
  • Primary Street (Ages 6–8)
  • JuniorWay (Ages 9–12)
  • J.A.M. (Jesus and Me) (Ages 12–14)
  • InTeen (Ages 15–17)
  • Young Adult Today (Ages 18–24)
  • Direction (Ages 25+)
Precepts for Living Large Print 2015-2016


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