When you choose David C. Cook’s Bible-in-Life Sunday School curriculum you give children a foundation in God’s Word that lasts a lifetime.

Teachers love Bible-in-Life because it:

  • Is easy-to-teach and easy to prepare with a simplified 4-step lesson
  • Is Bible-based and Christ-centered and encourages Scripture memory
  • Recognizes life needs of students and reveals biblical values and practical application
  • Offers an educationally ideal mix of teaching tools that match development abilities and involve visual, active, and auditory learners

Bible-in-Life Overview

Christian Education Scope

  • Covers Bible basics sequentially, alternating between Old and New Testaments
  • June–August covers topical studies
  • In twelve school years, students go through the Bible four times at age-appropriate levels
  • Two-year cycle for Toddlers/2s, Preschool, and Early Elementary
  • Three-year cycle for Elementary through High School
  • Six-year cycle for Adults
  • View/Download Scope and Sequence 2016-2017

Lesson Path

Step 1: Connecting (“Why is this important to me?”)
Step 2: Studying (“What does the Bible say?”)
Step 3: Interacting (“How does this Bible passage work today?”)
Step 4: Applying (“What am I willing to do with what I learned?”)

Product Appearance

  • Full-color teacher and student materials
  • Classic, age-appropriate, accurate Bible art as well as contemporary art and photos
  • Deliberate multi-ethnic look

Available Ages/Grade Levels

  • Toddler/2 (18 Months–36 Months)
  • Preschool (Age 3–Pre-Kindergarten)
  • Early Elementary (Kindergarten–Grade 1)
  • Elementary (Grades 2–3)
  • Upper Elementary (Grades 4–5)
  • Middle School (Grades 6–8)
  • High school (Grades 9–12)
  • Adult - Creative Teaching Aids coordinate with the commentary lessons and Real Life Downloaded is featured on the David C. Cook website each week, featuring current news stories to use in Step 1.

pdfDownload FREE SAMPLE LESSONS AND MATERIALS by grade level!

Teacher's Guide
Starting Steps Take-Home Paper

Teacher's Guide
Make-It/Take-It Craft Book
My Sunday Pictures Student Book

Early Elementary
Teacher's Guide
Bible Beginnings Student Book
Stories Take-Home Paper

Teacher's Guide
Bible Discoveries Student Book
Discovery Pack Craft Book

Upper Elementary
Teacher's Guide
Bible Adventures Student Book

Middle School
Teacher's Guide
The Rock Student Book

High School
Teacher's Guide

Teacher's Guide
Comprehensive Bible Study Student Book
Lesson Leaflet for Visitors

Standard Lesson Commentary 2016-2017 (KJV)


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