kow logo Open kids' hearts to God through praise and worship!
Five Kids? Five Hundred? Your KidsOwn Worship® quarterly kit fits your kids' church program no matter how many preschool and elementary kids show up!
Touching the heart of God, changing the hearts of kids!
At KidsOwn Worship® Children's Church, kids sing…shout…and celebrate God's goodness and love. This kids' church program gives you all you need in one quarterly kit-13 engaging, 30- to 60-minute sessions with children's church lessons that get your kids exploring why God is worthy of their praise.
Kid 2 Make your kids' church program memorable!
Children's church is where your preschoolers and elementary children build their worship foundation. This is where they focus on God in a personal way-and experience children's worship through uplifting songs and fun, memorable Bible learning through children's church lessons.
Leading children's church lessons is easy!
Not sure how many kids will attend every week? Do you have a couple of age levels all meeting together? Kids Own Worship children's church makes leading children's worship a snap! This kids' church program is ready to go-and you'll love leading it!



Here is how Kids Own Worship works:

  • 13 engaging 30- to 60-minute sessions get kids exploring why God is worthy of their praise
  • A variety of music helps kids praise God
  • Easy-to-use resources make leading praise time a snap: CD, NEW sing-along DVD, and lyrics (transparencies and text files)
  • Memorable object lessons and activities help kids remember the Point, with Hands-On Point-Makers included for you
  • Discussion-starter DVD (new format) gets elementary kids thinking and talking
  • Engaging skit book

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